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Published On: 9 Nëntor, 2021

AKA ka shpallur thirrjen për ekspertë ndërkombëtar të arsimit të lartë dhe ekspertë studentë

Dear Sir/Madame,

The Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) has recently adopted its supplemented Accreditation Manual (KAA Standards and Guidelines) and the Work Plan for the (re) accreditation of institutions of higher education and their study programs. The accreditation process will be conducted by the KAA starting from January 2022 until end of June 2022, at the public and private HEI’s in the Republic of Kosovo.

In compliance to this working plan, KAA has launched a call for international higher education experts and student experts from all fields of studies to become a member of the expert panel.

Required Skills and Experience of Experts:

  • PhD or equivalent degree
  • Proven teaching or scientific/scholarly research experience;
  • Experience in designing and developing academic programs;
  • Experience in management and provision of quality in higher education institutions;
  • Experience within an organizational and administrative structure of an HEI;
  • Academic writing skills;
  • Proficiency in English;

Required Skills and Experience of Student Experts:

  • BA, MA or PhD student
  • Proven experience related to quality assurance;
  • Experience within an organizational structure of a HEI, Student Organization, or a QA Agency;
  • Academic writing skills;
  • Proficiency in English;

Responsibilities according to KAA Accreditation Manual include:

  • To review documents submitted by HEIs prior to the site visit
  • Carry out the site visit to HEIs arranged by KAA
  • Draft an external review report after the site visit in compliance with KAA Standards
  • Finalize the external review report and provide final recommendation for accreditation to KAA Board

The site visit to a higher education institution lasts one day. The payment fee for each member of the expert panel is €1800 euro. In the cases of on-site visits (physical presence) 100 euro per daily are paid to cover expenses and accommodation. The payment fee for each student expert is €900 euro plus 100 euro for daily expenses and accommodation in case of on-site visit (physical presence). Costs of travel are also covered by KAA. The final approval on the appointment of members of the expert panel is made by KAA’s State Council of Quality.

All interested experts should fill out the application which can be found in the link below and attach this file along with the CV to the following email, or

Application Form

All other materials and information on the procedure of accreditation of higher education institutions and their study programmes can be found on the links below:

Experts are obliged to read these materials, and rely their evaluation based on the Accreditation Manual. The deadline for submitting the application and the CV is 30 November 2021.

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