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Published On: September 27th, 2023

Kosova Accreditation Agency Holds Its First International Conference

The Kosova Accreditation Agency (AKA) held its first international conference on September 26, 2023, focused on ensuring quality in higher education. The conference brought together heads of state institutions, representatives from prominent European institutions, representatives of higher education institutions, the academic community, students, diplomatic envoys, and civil society representatives etc.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti emphasized the high priority placed on quality in higher education in Kosova by the government. He noted that Kosova is a unique case where a university has established the state.

“I regret that in recent years these reports have not been at the desirable level. That is why we are here today to strengthen the old bridges and build new ones between the ENQA and Accreditation Agency. The Kosovo Accreditation Agency possesses full institutional independence”, said the Prime Minister.

Professor Hasnije Ilazi, President of the State Quality Council of Council (SCQ), stated, “Quality education is the foundation for shaping a secure future for humanity, marked by responsibility and vision. It contributes to the development of capable, informed individuals with strong moral values, openness to change, and awareness of the importance of global processes. All of these are crucial qualities for addressing the complex challenges and opportunities that await us facing.”

Naim Gashi, the General Director of the Kosova Accreditation Agency, highlighted that Kosova has established national cohesion in the pursuit of educational quality. He mentioned that all recommendations from the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) have been implemented, and that KAA is now ready to undergo evaluation for membership in European quality assurance mechanisms.


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