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Published On: September 9th, 2021

KAA held workshops to review the draft three-year Strategic Plan

The Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) held on 09.09.2021 a workshop where the prepared draft of the three-year Strategic Plan of KAA was reviewed.

The meeting was attended by the State Council of Quality, the Appeals Commission, representatives of the Heras Plus project and international expert Bastian Baumann.

KAA has prepared an initial draft of the Strategic Plan, which was then supplemented by four local experts and now with the support of the Heras Plus Project, is being discussed by the international expert to harmonize with the recommendations of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

Once the recommendations of the international expert are included,into the draft, the Strategic Plan will be presented for public discussion.

It is expected that by the end of this year the Strategic Plan of KAA will be approved and in this way an important criteria for the remembership of the KAA to ENQA and EQAR will be met.

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