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Published On: June 2nd, 2022

KAA presents the Guidelines for Increasing Student Involvement in Quality Assurance Processes in Higher Education

In front of representatives and students from all Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo, KAA organized two informative events to present the Guidelines for Student Involvement in project “Increasing Student Involvement in Quality Assurance Procedures in Higher Education” funded by the US Embassy in Kosovo. The purpose of these informative events was to unveil the Guide to the representatives of higher education institutions as well as to the representatives of student organizations of all public and private institutions of higher education in Kosovo.

For two days in a row, the international expert Mrs. Anca Prisacariu presented the principles and ways how to increase student participation and engagement in internal quality assurance processes, including the managerial structures of HEIs, as well as in external evaluation procedures. In addition to the international expert, 5 student representatives from different European countries, including representatives of the student organization at the European level (ESU), provided presentations to Kosovo students. These presentations were conducted in order to build the capacity of local students and encourage them to push forward important agendas of improving the quality of higher education from the student perspective.

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