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Published On: October 12th, 2021

SCQ decisions aim to increase the quality of higher education

During a visit to the University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani”, the chairwoman of the State Council of Quality (SCQ), Professor Hasnije Ilazi, said that the institution she leads through its recent decisions aims to increase the quality of higher education.

Head of SCQ, Ilazi said that the SCQ is building a relationship of mutual communication with all higher education institutions, in order to consult all stakeholders for decision-making in important processes related to the quality in education.

Professor Ilazi said that the intensity of work at the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and at the SCQ are increasing for the advancement of internal regulations and strategic documents in order to develop the higher education system in accordance with European quality standards.

The Rector of the University of Gjakova, Artan Nimani, said that during the last year they have had an excellent cooperation with the Accreditation Agency, as they have successfully completed the process of institutional accreditation and some academic programs.

Rector Nimani welcomed the recent decisions of the SCQ related to the scientific publications of the holders of academic programs and added that the University of Gjakova easily meets this criterion.

The leaders of SCQ and KAA also met with the representatives of the students of the University of Gjakova, with whom they talked about their ideas for quality in higher education. It was announced at the meeting that KAA has won a project from the US Embassy which aims to increase student involve ment in the decision-making process.

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