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Published On: November 11th, 2021

State Advocacy: The Kosovo Accreditation Agency is not endangered by any litigation

The State Attorney General, Sami Istrefi during a reception given to the director of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), Naim Gashi, said that KAA is fully respecting the legal framework of the Republic of Kosovo and is not endangered by any court dispute.

Attorney Istrefi praised the cooperation of the State Advocacy with the Kosovo Accreditation Agency to ensure legal protection in the implementation of applicable legislation. Istrefi and Gashi agreed that the State Advocacy will fully support the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, not only for legal protection in the courts, but also for the drafting of legal acts, to ensure that they are fully in line with applicable legislation and cannot contested in the courts.

Attorney Istrefi welcomed the measures taken by the KAA to guarantee legal certainty to all parties.

Director Gashi said that the support of the State Advocacy so far has enabled the Kosovo Accreditation Agency to not lose in any case in the courts. Istrefi and Gashi agreed that in case of need they should personally participate in the defense of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency cases in the courts.

The State Advocacy and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency have appointed contact persons to facilitate cooperation between the two institutions. The State Advocacy has expressed readiness to support the KAA in cases of preparation of lawsuits in the courts when violations in the higher education system are identified.

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