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Published On: September 1st, 2023

Conference on Higher Education: The impact of QA Mechanisms on establishing a quality culture

Kosovo Accreditation Agency is organizing its first international conference on higher education that will take place in Pristina on 26th September 2023. The conference, which aims to bring together important European and national stakeholders, will focus on the impact that various European mechanisms for quality assurance in higher education have on national agencies and, thus, higher education institutions.

As the youngest European country, Kosovo has had a unique journey toward implementing European Standards and Guidelines. Despite its challenges, the national quality assurance system has benefited from the opportunities of this journey, and being a member of ENQA and EQAR is recognized as the driving factor for improvement. Invited speakers will address different perspectives on how Kosovo’s national system changed due to the accreditation process and how best European practices shaped Kosovo’s external quality assurance framework. Invited speakers will also discuss similar experiences from a Southeast European perspective in building a quality culture. In addition, the conference will address the need for a global approach to quality assurance, specifically the role of EQAR in shaping the European Higher Education Area.

KAA appreciates the availability of its international partners to support the advancement of the national quality assurance system. Such forums of discussions increase the visibility of Kosovo’s quality assurance system in an international arena and ensure the right path of KAA towards implementing the European Standards and Guidelines.

This conference is supported by the Heras Plus Project, funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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