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Published On: June 29th, 2023

Kosovo Accreditation Agency and NARIC Center conduct a study visit to the Czech Republic

A team from the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and NARIC Kosova conducted a three-days study visit to the Czech Republic with the aim of exchanging experiences and good practices in the field of quality in higher education.

This project is supported by the Higher Education Intervention 2025 Project (HEI 25), financed by the Austrian International Development Agency (ADA).

During the visit to the ENIC-NARIC Center of the Czech Republic, it was discussed about the procedures for diploma recognition and the ways to further promote cooperation between Kosovo and the Czech Republic.

According to the Czech counterparts, until now all diplomas from Kosovo have been recognized by the Czech authorities as a result of the trust on the documents issued by the Kosovo institutions.

The delegation from Kosovo also visited the National Accreditation Bureau (NAB), where they discussed about cooperation in enhacing the quality in higher education, with a special focus on the process of digitalization of services.

A special visit of the delegation from Kosovo was also held at Charles University in Prague, one of the oldest universities in Europe, where the internal quality assurance mechanisms and the impact of accreditation agencies on quality assurance within universities were discussed.

The Kosovo Accreditation Agency and the NARIC Center are being supported by the HEI 25 project, funded by ADA, for capacity building, mainly in the field of digitization of services and alignment with European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG). Part of this project are two study visits to European Union countries.

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