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Published On: October 18th, 2021

SCQ supports KAPS projects in the preparation of staff in the field of an activity

The State Council of Quality (SCQ) of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, during a meeting held with the leaders of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) and students of this institution, has given support to projects that promote quality in the preparation of staff in the field of security.

The President of the SCQ, Professor Hasnije Ilazi, said that KAPS covers a very specific field within higher education, because it is related to the component of security, as a national interest of Kosovo, therefore enjoys full support for meeting the highest standards.

SCQ members, Professor Krenare Nuçi Pireva and Professor Dukagjin Zeka, presented the work of SCQ, which through the process of accreditation, monitoring and investments in digitalization will directly affect the quality of programs offered by KAPS and educational institutions of high in general.

Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety, Professor Bejtush Gashi said that the programs offered in this institution are in full harmony with European quality standards. He said that as a result of cooperation with international partners, this institution is preparing staff in the field of security, who are able to face all the challenges of the time.

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