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Published On: November 25th, 2021

The State Council of Quality is continuing its visits to higher education institutions

The Head of the State Council of Quality (SCQ), Professor Hasnije Ilazi, together with other members of the SCQ, Professor Dukagjin Zeka, in the continuation of the visits to the institutions of higher education, on 25.11.2021 visited the ISPE College.

Head of the SCQ, Ilazi said that the SCQ is in the process of reviewing policies in order to increase the quality of higher education.

Në takim Kryetarja foli për procesin e rishikimi të standardeve, procesin e hartimit të metodologjisë së monitorimit dhe rishikimit të rregulloreve me të cilat funksionon Agjencia e Akreditimit.

At the meeting, the Head spoke about the process of reviewing standards, the process of drafting the monitoring methodology and reviewing the regulations with which the Kosovo Accreditation Agency operates.

Representatives of ISPE College have welcomed the initiative of the SCQ, to meet with all HEIs, to present the work of the Council, but also to receive recommendations for improving processes.

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