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Published On: March 23rd, 2022

WUS Austria is supporting the Accreditation Agency for quality improvement in higher education

The President of the State Council of Quality (SCQ), Professor Hasnije Ilazi and the Director of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, Naim Gashi, on 23.03.2022 received in a meeting the Managing Director of WUS Austria, Mrs. Veronika Nitsche and Mrs. Gurdun Feucht, Heras Plus expert and a member of the Board of the Austrian Accreditation Agency.

During this meeting discussions took place about the cooperation and activities planned in the framework of support from the Heras Plus project, as well as possible plans and proposals.

The President of the SCQ, Professor Ilazi, said that KAA is working with increased intensity to meet all the recommendations of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and to raise the quality of higher education.

The President of the SCQ said that WUS Austria and the Heras Plus project are continuously supporting the KAA to increase capacity and create standards that guarantee quality in higher education.

Director Nitsche said that the KAA has made a lot of progress on quality in higher education. She has pledged that WUS Austria and the Heras Plus Project will continue to support the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and the higher education system in general.

Gurdun Feucht, member of the Board of the Austrian Accreditation Agency, said that they will support the KAA to return to ENQA and EQAR, through capacity building and lobbying.

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