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Published On: August 31st, 2021

Funded by the US Embassy, KAA digitizes the issuance of accreditation confirmations

All students and graduates who need to obtain confirmations for the accreditation of their study programs can now get them online without having to physically visit the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

This project is funded by the US Embassy in Pristina, in the framework of supporting the capacity building of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency. This is a great achievement, because in addition to increasing the security of the issuance of documentation, and eliminating all possibilities for human error, this platform also increases the reliability of documents issued by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency to international partners.

Every confirmation issued electronically, is verifiable by all parties electronically via the KAA website. All KAA counterpart agencies in Europe and beyond, now have direct access to the verification of documents issued by the KAA.

This service has passed all cyber security standards from the Agency for Information Society (AIS).

During the pandemic alone, KAA has physically issued over 4000 confirmations for accredited programs, and from now on this service is offered to students and graduates from home at no cost.

This is the link for confirmations:

This is the link to verify the confirmations:

Please see the video below:

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