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Published On: October 7th, 2021

SCQ and KAA visit AAB College; discuss quality standards in higher education

As part of the visits to higher education institutions, the State Council  op Quality (SCQ) of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, visited AAB College on Thursday, in order to discuss issues related to quality standards in higher education.

The President of the SCQ, Professor Hasnije Ilazi, said that the institution she leads, takes very seriously the suggestions of HEIs, in the functioning of quality in higher education.

Mayor Ilazi said that Kosovo, although the smallest country in the region, invests heavily in quality standards, as the entire accreditation process is based on the assessments and recommendations of international experts.

The head of the SCQ said that currently many positive developments are taking place at the KAA, such as the drafting of the Law on the KAA, the three-year Strategic Plan, the creation of a new methodology for monitoring HEIs, the development of new accreditation standards , re-accreditation and validation of academic programs, etc.

The Chair of the Steering Council of AAB College, Professor Lulzim Tafa, spoke about the history of this institution in order to contribute to the field of education, science and culture.

He welcomed the initiative of the SCQ, to receive suggestions from HEIs on issues related to higher education. The three vice-rectors, the head of the Quality Office and the secretary of the College, spoke about the progress of the work at AAB College.

During the visit to AAB, SCQ leaders also met with student representatives, who gave their ideas for the development of the higher education system.

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