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Published On: February 1st, 2022

The accreditation process at the institutional level for 2022 has started

The Kosovo Accreditation Agency on 01.02.2022 started the accreditation process at the institutional level for this year. The State Council of Quality (SCQ) has approved the applications of 17 higher education institutions for accreditation at the institutional level.

In the first part of February, the evaluations of applications at the institutional level will be carried out, to continue with the process of evaluation of academic programs.

Before starting the process, KAA staff verifies all individuals participating in this process and compares the data with the E-Accreditation platform.

Also, the KAA team, always remaining physically inside the higher education institutions, verifies all information, documents and videos provided during the process of evaluation by the team of international experts.

KAA thanks all HEIs for their cooperation to successfully implement this process. KAA also thanks all the international experts who in accordance with the legal regulations are evaluating the institutions of higher education and their academic programs.

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